Don't get caught with your tailgate down™

    1. The Castel™ Gate King™ comes as a set of two
    2. Patented Tailgate Adjuster™ system adjusts in 8 different positions
    3. Gate King™ uses existing bolt holes so no drilling is required
    4. Installation is simple and can be done in minutes
    5. Fixed mounting bolts act as a tailgate theft deterrent
    6. Compatible with most major truck brands
    1. The Gate King™ is the only truck accessory that gives you full use of your tailgate. Built with our patented Tailgate Adjuster™ technology, it gives every truck owner the ability to adjust their tailgate in a multitude of positions.
    2. Designed in California and made in the USA
    1. Left and right Gate King
    2. Bolts specific to truck model
    3. One allen wrench to tighten Gate King bolts into place
    4. Extender bar to release Gate King when adjusted at highest position
    5. Castel and Gate King stickers

*comes in a set of two*

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